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Clear out a majorly cluttered basement with basement junk removal from Three Rivers.

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We’ll size up the job and give you an upfront quote for your approval.

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We act fast and work fast so that you aren’t left waiting for the junk removal you need.

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We haul the junk to our trucks. They’re larger than the competition’s and can haul more in fewer trips.

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We work until you’re satisfied. The job’s not done until we’ve hauled everything you want gone.

Finishing Up

At the end, we’ll sweep up behind us then bill you for the appointment. Thanks for your business!

Why Basement Junk Removal?

When a basement’s filled to the brim with junk, the circumstances don’t matter. Either way, that junk’s got to go. So count on the full-service team at Three Rivers to do it for you. Here are some of the reasons you might choose to schedule basement junk removal:

  • Moving in or out
  • Cleaning up after a previous tenant
  • Spring cleaning
  • Preparing for a remodel
  • Just for the sake of tidiness!
Cost of Basement Cleanup

Whether we’re hauling away regular junk, broken furniture, or busted appliances, we charge a simple volume-based price. Count on us to handle your basement junk removal needs without breaking the bank!

A Fair and Reasonable Cost!

  • Upfront pricing. Know the final cost straight away!
  • Free estimates. Just call now for an approximation of the price.
  • No hidden fees. You’ll never pay for unfair and dishonest fees.
  • Best in the biz. You’ll enjoy savings you’d never get from our competitors.
Schedule a Basement Cleanout Today

You don’t have to deal with a claustrophobic, cluttered basement for any longer. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to arrange a 2-hour arrival window for your full-service basement junk removal. Let’s get started!

  • Call us now to speak with one of our reps.
  • Or, book online to use our convenient online tool.
  • We’ll be happy to serve you a free cost estimate.
  • Choose a day for your appointment.
  • We even offer same-day and next-day availability.

A Team That Cares

At Three Rivers, owned and operated in Natrona Heights, we care. We care about doing a good job that you’ll want to tell your neighbors about. We care about giving you a fair, affordable price so you walk away satisfied. And, we care about leaving a lasting impression that’ll convince you that we’re the best junk removal business in the region.

No matter the job, we take pride in doing it right. So count on us for your needs, be they basement junk removal or something else. Whatever the task, we’ll carry it out to completion and take the junk away for proper disposal.

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