Junk Removal as an Alternative to Garbage Pickup

Junk Removal vs. Garbage Pickup

Why choose junk removal over garbage pickup? You may be wondering why you would ever need to call a junk removal company when there are local garbage pickup services already. Why pay for someone to come and get your clutter when someone already does that every week? Well, as it turns out, weekly trash pickup is not the end-all. Take a look at Harrison Township’s trash pickup rules. At a glimpse, you’ll notice restrictions such as:

  • No bulk pickups of yard debris, construction debris, and remodeling waste.
  • No dirt, stone, concrete, or rock pickups.
  • No automotive parts or tires.
  • Bags, boxes, and bundles must weigh 33 pounds or less.

So, depending on how much junk you need to get rid of, and what sort of junk it is, local junk pick up might not cut it. Check your trash pickup services’ rules and restrictions before leaving a large load of junk out. You might wind up being disappointed when they skip it over entirely! However, junk removal companies will be happy to take all these items that the local pickup service won’t.

Skip the Manual Labor

Of course, you have to take junk out to the curb on your own when relying on trash pickup services. While this generally isn’t a problem when you have a few bags of trash to get rid of, if you have a large amount of clutter you want to part ways with, it’s a whole other thing. Even if your pickup service is willing to take everything you take to the curb, you still have to take it to the curb. This means a lot of back and forth trips, and that means a lot of physical labor.

Why choose junk removal over garbage pickup? Because a professional business’s junk removal services will mean that you don’t have to do any hauling for yourself. Instead, fully trained staff members will do it for you. Plus, these crews will often sort through your junk to figure out what can be recycled and what can be donated. While your everyday person doesn’t have time to handle eco-friendly disposal for themselves sometimes, it’s a full-time job at businesses such as Three Rivers Junk Removal. We make eco-friendly disposal a top priority, and we will donate items such as clothing, toys, and furniture to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore along with other charity thrift stores.

three rivers junk removal pro standing in front of truck