Junk Removal in Greensburg, PA

Need junk removal in Greensburg, PA? We are ready to remove whatever you have. Three Rivers Junk Removal is Southwestern Pennsylvania’s locally owned junk removal company. Our veteran and locally owned company is often in the Greensburg area. If you call today, your junk could be gone today too. We hope to see you soon!

Proud to be Green Junk Removal in Greensburg, PA

John and Erin Dippel are the owners of Three Rivers Junk Removal. Recycling and donating items are a passion of theirs, even before they started Three Rivers Junk Removal. Because of this, when we remove your items we often find a way to recycle, re-purpose, or donate your old items.

Items We Commonly Donate

We commonly donate dressers, toys, clothing, couches, beds, lamps, kitchen utensils, dishes, and more. Our team donates items such as these to Habitat for Humanity in Greensburg.

Items We Commonly Recycle

When we cannot donate items, we try to recycle them. For example, a load of CRT Televisions cannot be donated because people do not want them anymore. However, there are some parts of the TV that can be recycled and re-used. For that reason, we take them to a certified recycling facility. Other items we recycle are cardboard, metal, tires, air conditioning units, cell phones, computers, computer monitors, etc.

Easy-to-Work-With Junk Removal in Greensburg, PA

Flexible Arrival Times

We have flexible hours and a quick turnaround. We will get to you at a time that works for you. No need to readjust your schedule! On top of that, we are open Monday through Saturday. Furthermore, we will get to you same or next day if needed.

Great People

Our junk removal in Greensburg, PA service employs clean-cut, hardworking team members. For this reason, you’ll feel at ease with our team coming into your home. What’s more, our company co-founder, John, is on many of the jobs himself.

Upfront Pricing for Junk Removal in Greensburg

We quote the price upfront. After you give us the go ahead, we load the items right then and there. There is no rescheduling to have us come back. We come when you need us to and we get done as quick as possible.

A “WOW” and “EASY” Junk Removal in Greensburg Experience

Easy! Wow! Amazing! Those are three of the adjectives we hope you use to describe the service you receive from Three Rivers Junk Removal!

How Does Junk Removal in Greensburg, PA work?

Again, we have made this process as easy as possible. Here’s the deal:

  1. Call us or book online.
  2. You’ll receive a call or text from us when on the way.
  3. We price your rubbish removal job upon arrival. Next, if given the go ahead, we begin your job right then and there.
  4. Our team gets moving! We will carefully and efficiently load your items, no matter where the stuff is located in your home or around your property.

When Can I Get Started?

To schedule your junk removal in Greensburg, simply call today or book online! We can almost always accommodate same or next day service and are ready to work for you.

The Three Rivers Junk Removal Guarantee

  • We will be at your job on time. However, if we will be late, we will let you know as soon as possible.
  • We will be upfront with our pricing. Although some of our competitors might bait-and-switch, we do not. On top of that, if we quote your job too high, we will lower the price to the correct price point at the end of the job.
  • We will be thorough. We will tidy up the area before we leave, be careful not to damage your property, and ask questions to ensure the wrong items are not removed.

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