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When you want to book a basement cleanout, just give us a phone call or book online!

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We’ll look over the basement junk and then tell you our upfront price for the job.

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We move junk out of the basement fast without scuffing up your property.

Trucking It Away

Once we’ve collected everything, we truck it off for recycling, donation or disposal.

Finishing Up

As we wrap up, we’ll double-check our work and sweep up behind ourselves.


At the end of the appointment, pay the price you agreed to and we’re all set!

Basement Junk Removal Near Pittsburg

Come one, come all for basement cleanouts! If there’s anything universal about basements, it’s that they’re cluttered up and probably full of junk. Fortunately, the Three Rivers Junk Removal crew is the readily accessible solution to a basement filled with broken appliances and other unwanted junk items.

Here’s How It Works:

  • We show up to your house, introduce ourselves and head to the basement.
  • After taking a look at the junk you need hauled away, we prepare an upfront quote.
  • Like the price? If so, give us your approval and we’ll get straight to work.
  • All junk items, including heavy ones, get hauled up the stairs and to our truck.

Cost of Basement Cleanup

Cleaning out basement junk doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Three Rivers keep prices simple and fair by using a volume-based model, so in other words the amount we haul translates to the final price. Plus, you’ll know what you’re paying from the beginning thanks to our straightforward, upfront quotes.

Save Money With Three Rivers

  • Get a cost estimate on us when you call us for your appointment.
  • Once you approve our upfront quotes, that price is final.
  • No hidden fees! (We’ll save those for our competitors to use.)
  • Save money and support your local economy by choosing Three Rivers!

Getting Started

Basement cleanouts aren’t hard to schedule. In fact, they’re actually just a phone call or a mouse click away. All you have to do to get our team at your house is make the first move and get in touch with us. Our crew members will be happy to assist in getting your appointment on our to-do list.

Call Today

  • Call us at (724) 895-3986 to start speaking with one of our junk removal pros.
  • We’ll provide you with a cost estimate to help you consider your finances.
  • After you choose an appointment day, we’ll also give you our 2-hour arrival window.

Book Online

  • It’s easy to book online. Just fill out your details and pick an appointment day.
  • One of our employees will be back with you with more information shortly!

A Professional Team You Can Trust

With hundreds of appointments behind us and experiences with almost every kind of junk, Three Rivers is your all-purpose solution to junk, clutter and trash that needs to hit the curb. We’ll do you one better than the curb, too: we’ll take that junk away for recycling, donation or to the landfill, depending on what’s applicable.

Check out our What We Take page to learn more about what we do. If there’s one thing in common with all our services, though, it’s that we do the job the right way: affordably, with a friendly vibe and with our client as our top priority.

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