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We understand decluttering a hoarded property can be overwhelming. The Rivers is here to help relieve some of that stress with your junk removal. Call Three Rivers Junk Removal to set up an appointment now!

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How Our Junk Removal Service Works

Schedule an Appointment

Getting an appointment set up is simple. Call us for the assistance of one of our reps, or schedule your appointment online. Either way, we’ll be speaking with you shortly.

Courtesy Calls

By giving you a courtesy call when we approach your site, we don’t catch you in the middle of something else. This way, we can both be right on time.

No Judgement

How you or your loved one wound up in a hoarding situation is none of our business. We’re here to help clean it up. So don’t fret. You won’t receive any raised eyebrows from us.

Our Trucks

During hoarder junk removal, we take extra care in hauling each discarded belonging to our truck. Even if the items are being thrown away, they still have some sentimental value to the hoarder.

Getting It All Done

We won’t stop until you’re satisfied. Let us know whatever you need to be hauled off, and we’ll be happy to take it. We strive for your complete satisfaction as we work.


Paying for our services is an easy process. You can use either cash, credit, or card to settle up. We also accept some forms of online payment. Call for any inquiries.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Near You

Hoarding is a serious psychological issue that can lead to other health problems as well. Due to the buildup of clutter and waste inside of a hoarder’s home, they might find their property a dwelling place for pests such as insects and rodents. Additionally, they might become embarrassed of their situation and shut themselves away from society. 

Judgement-Free Work

Three Rivers Junk Removal has the judgement-free hoarding junk removal necessary to turn this situation around. If you or a loved one has a hoarding problem that needs correcting, then we’re the team for the job. With experience in hauling away many kinds of junk, we have what it takes to do the work correctly.

Hoarder House Cleaners You Can Trust

For something as sensitive as hoarding junk removal, you’re going to need a team that both works hard and understands your situation. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with Three Rivers and our special brand of customer service. We think we’re the best in the business, and we’d love to show you why. We’ll clean up that household until it looks like a brand-new home.

Doing Our Best

Hoarded items have sentimental value, even if the hoarder has agreed to discarding them. That’s why we gently and carefully set any belongings we take away inside of our truck. After all, it’s our responsibility to make this potentially uneasy situation as comfortable as possible.

Hoarding Cleanup Pricing

Curious about our pricing methods?

  • Our pricing never employs “dirty tricks” like hidden fees or surcharges.
  • Instead, we aim to provide straightforward quotes to you.
  • During our first conversations, we’ll gladly serve you a cost estimate.
  • Additionally, our final quotes are always given before the work begins.
  • You’ll always know the ultimate price before we even start. Simple!

About Three Rivers

Three Rivers Junk Removal is based out of Natrona Heights, part of Harrison Township. We were founded with the mission of providing affordable full-service junk removal to our neighbors within the community. Now, we’re confident in saying we’ve succeeded—and what’s more, we want you to be our next satisfied client.

So pick up your phone and give us a call. One of our reps will be happy to assist you in setting up your hoarding junk removal appointment. We’ll help make things nice and tidy again, all for a great price.  

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