Full-Service Furniture Removal in Southwestern Pennsylvania

From that old couch sitting in the living room to that ugly armoire in the guest bedroom and everything in between, Three Rivers Junk Removal is here to help you de-clutter your home in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are a veteran-owned, community-based company that is here to make your home more comfortable, making more room for new furniture and removing eyesores.

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Veteran-Owned Furniture Removal

John Dippel, the founder of Three Rivers Junk Removal, is a veteran who showed his dedication to his country by serving two tours in Iraq. Today, he shows that same dedication by helping people get rid of unwanted furniture in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. When you call us today, you will know right away that you are dealing with honest professionals who are committed to serving you well.

We Take All Kinds of Furniture

In our professional experience, we’ve found that no two furniture removal projects are alike. Couches are big and heavy, beds are awkward and cumbersome, and many large appliances can even be dangerous to handle. Why take the risk of denting your walls or suffering personal injury when Three Rivers Junk Removal can step in and remove all the hassle? We take all kinds of furniture, so no matter what your need is, we are happy to help you.

Your Furniture Removal Experience

From time to time, everyone ends up with furniture that is old or unwanted. Sometimes our tastes change and it’s time for an upgrade, but many times our furniture becomes dated and run-down. It’s hard to say goodbye, but change is often good. Three Rivers Junk Removal is here to turn this into a positive experience.

What to Expect

Once you call us, we will:

  • Offer you a no-obligation estimate.
  • Give you 2-hour arrival window for the same or next day.
  • Provide you with a courtesy call so you know when we’re on the way.
  • Create a firm quote on the cost of the job.
  • Leave your home cleaner and tidier than ever!

The Cost of Furniture Removal with Three Rivers Junk Removal

Since each furniture removal job is different from the last, it is of the utmost importance that we arrive at an accurate price. Even though we will give you an estimate when you call, the price may change once we get a look at the furniture you want removed.

Our Quote Is Our Word

Even though the price might change after we give you an initial estimate, our price is firm once we give you a quote. This is to ensure that both parties are happy; you aren’t saddled with any unexpected costs and we get paid a fair price.

Why Wait to Schedule Your Furniture Removal Appointment?

Why wait to schedule your furniture removal appointment when you could be doing it today? Those old, unwanted furniture items don’t have to stay around forever.

Same or Next Day Appointments

At Three Rivers Junk Removal, we pride ourselves in our timeliness. Once you call us, we will do our best to be at your door on the same or next day.

Three Rivers Junk Removal Can Get Rid of Your Unwanted Furniture in 4 Steps

  1. All you need to do to get started is call Three Rivers Junk Removal or use our online booking tool.
  2. Once we’ve seen your unwanted furniture in person, we will give you a firm quote.
  3. Our professional, veteran-owned team will quickly and efficiently haul your furniture items into our truck and out of your hair!
  4. Settling up is the easy step! We accept cash or card payments, and then we will be on our way.

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To Save $20