Pittsburgh Junk Removal

When you are in need of getting junk removed in Pittsburgh, whether it is one item or several, contact Three Rivers Junk Removal. We are veteran-owned and service most of the Pittsburgh area. Items we commonly remove include mattresses, televisions, computers, computer monitors, boxes of general clutter, bags of clothing, old dishes, couches, and more. Furthermore, we provide all the labor⁠—no matter where the stuff is located!

What Types of Jobs Does Three Rivers Junk Removal Do in Pittsburgh?

Here are some examples of jobs that we handle:

Chase’s “Lounge”

Chase has an old futon mattress that he had since college, located on an eighth-floor apartment in downtown Pittsburgh. Chase doesn’t own a car, let alone a truck. In addition, he is a busy software developer. It simply would not make sense for him to do it on his own. Because of this, Chase calls us, and we remove the futon. He’s able to keep on-track with his work, and within ten minutes, the futon is gone.

Garrett’s Gigantic Armoire

Garrett is also located in an apartment in downtown. However, he is on the fourth floor with no elevator. On top of that, the armoire weighs about 300 pounds! He’s now decided he no longer wants it. We will pick up the armoire and take it to the truck in no time.

Kayla’s Pre-Move Junk Removal Job in Pittsburgh

Kayla is getting ready to get married. When she’s married, she’ll be moving into a home that her and her fiancée are purchasing. Because of this, she has to get rid of a lot of her stuff. For example, she has a couch, a love seat, a double bed, a washer, and a dryer that all need to be removed. We come to Kayla and quickly remove those items so she and her fiancée can focus on finishing final details for their wedding

Brandon’s Office Cleanout

Brandon has built a successful startup in Pittsburgh in the IT field. Because of this, his small office needs to be upgraded to a larger space. However, he won’t be reusing any of the old furniture. He’s getting rid of it all in order to start fresh in his new space. Our uniformed team will remove all of that stuff quickly and after-hours so that we don’t disturb his team while they’re working.

We remove junk no matter where it is located. Attics, basements, back storage sheds, garages, and office buildings are no match for us! Three Rivers Junk Removal is proud to offer same or next day service and work six days a week.

Veteran-Owned with a Spirit to Serve

John Dippel served two tours in Iraq before coming to Pittsburgh. Now, he serves the greater Pittsburgh community by providing stress-free junk removal. So, we hire nice guys who are strong, show up on time, as well as in uniform, and carefully complete work without damaging your property.

How Does the Process with Junk Removal in Pittsburgh Work?

The one word we want you to use when describing our process is “easy.” Here is how we make it easy:

Junk Removal Reps in Pittsburgh Available Seven Days a Week

Our office is available seven days a week to book junk removal jobs. This allows us to quickly answer your questions and book your appointment. What’s more, we can often accommodate same or next-day pickups.

We Call When on the Way

Our truck team calls thirty minutes from arrival. Again, our aim is to provide an easy junk removal experience. In order to accomplish this, we will stay in communication with you on our arrival time so we interrupt your day as little as possible.

We Give Informative Price Estimates

We provide a price estimate up front. Furthermore, our team starts the job immediately if you are good with the price.

We Take Care of The Junk

The team retrieves the items and loads the truck. Next, we tidy up the area.

We Take Payment

We take cash, credit cards, or checks for payment.

Three Rivers Junk Removal Makes You Smile.

While pulling out of the driveway we look back and see a huge smile on your face. You are now junk free!

Call or Book Online to Get Started

We are available same or next day and are awaiting your call. Our representatives schedule in 2-hour arrival windows so you’re not taken by surprise.

Junk Removal in Pittsburgh Donates

Our team donates your old items. We donate couches, dressers, clothing, dishes, and toys to local charities such as The Salvation Army.

Donating and recycling is important to us. Landfills are quickly filling up. Because of this, we are looking at your items as we load the truck to note what can be donated. Furthermore, our team will send you a donation receipt several days later.

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