Junk Removal in Butler, PA

Do you need junk removal in Butler, PA? We are a local and veteran-owned company that is often in the Butler, PA area. We are always removing couches, armoires, large dressers, end tables, beds, and more. Furthermore, we remove electronics such as televisions, computers, stereo equipment, etc. From South Hills to North Butler, we’ve got you covered!

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Indoor or Outdoor Junk Removal in Butler, PA

Professional, full-service junk removal is still a fairly new concept. Because of this, people always ask us what kind of stuff we take. They also ask if we only do large jobs or if we are able to do single-item pickups. Here’s the answer: No matter how big or small, we haul it all. As long as two guys can lift it, we can help.

Examples of Junk Removal in Butler, PA

Here’s some examples of the type of junk removal work we do in Butler, PA.

Jessica’s Monster King-Sized Bed

Jessica has a king-sized bed on the second floor. On top of that, her home has a narrow and winding staircase. She has no clue how they got the bed all the way up there in the first place.  Trained to remove items from tight places, we remove the mattress without damaging Jessica’s property or anyone getting hurt. Thanks to a little help, Jessica is able to have her rental home cleared before turning the keys into the landlord, saving her money.

Dave’s DIY Deck Project

Dave has a 20×20 deck that goes off the back of his home. However, that large deck is rotting and unsafe. Dave considers himself a handy man and decides he’d enjoy doing this project. Next, he tears down the deck and piles the wood in the back yard. Dave enjoys building but he does NOT enjoy hauling trash. Because of this, he calls us and we remove the decking from the back yard for him.

Junk Removal in Butler, PA for Rita’s Massive Attic Clean Out

Rita has lived in the same home in South Hills for fifty years. Because of this, she’s had a lot of furniture and other items get replaced over the years. Having a large attic, she stores many of the items in the attic. Although she placed the items up there with her husband, neither of them are in a position to bring the stuff down at this stage of life. She calls us and we get to work. First, we quote a firm price. Next, we load the truck. Lastly, we sweep up the attic. All told, this was a four truck load job. We took care of it in one day.

Shontel’s TV Hauled by Three Rivers Junk Removal in Butler, PA

Shontel has an old CRT TV that is in her guest bedroom. It’s too heavy for her to remove, so she calls us. We load the TV into our truck and recycle it at ECSR. She’s happy. We are happy to have the business.

Big or Small, Three Rivers Junk Removal in Butler, PA Hauls It All

As you can see, we are able to do just about any job, no matter how large, how small, or where the stuff is located.

The Spirit to Serve

John Dippel served in the military for many years and saw combat duty in Iraq at the start of the war, as well as at the conclusion. When he joined, he joined because he has a spirit to serve. That same spirit is now being put to work day-in and day-out for residents of Butler and surrounding areas who are in need of junk removal. We will bring you a team of some great guys, in uniform, that are strong, work hard, and will get your work done quickly.

How Does the Process work with Junk Removal in Butler, PA?

You Call, We Haul

Call us and we will answer the phone 7 days a week. Next, pick a 2-hour time slot that works with your schedule.

Now, We Call… and We Still Haul!

We call you when we are about 30 minutes out. Because of this, you don’t have to rearrange your day. Hold tight…we are on the way!

Quotes for Junk Removal in Butler, PA

We do everything up out in the open. What this means is a firm price is going to be quoted up front. Further, the pricing is based on the space the items take up in our truck. Next, we give you the price. If given the go ahead, we load the truck.

Three Rivers Junk Removal in Butler, PA Loads the Truck

Give us the go ahead and we load the truck. What’s more, our guys take off their shoes and/or put on shoe covers so we don’t track mud into your home.

We Tidy Up Your Area

We will sweep up your garage, basement, shed, or attic when removing junk. Furthermore, if we are inside your home, we will pick up loose trash to tidy up the area.

We Leave!

Settle up with cash, credit card, or check. Then wave goodbye to us. Lastly, put a big smile on your face. You are junk-free!

When Can I Get Started with Junk Removal in Butler, PA?

Right now! Give us a call or book online today. We offer same or next day service almost all the time. Don’t delay. Call today!

What Are You Waiting For?

Our local and veteran-owned team is ready to go RIGHT NOW. Often, we can get to you same or next day. If you have old furniture,  a rental house that a hoarder lived in, or a construction debris removal project, then give us a call today.

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